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The perfect solution if you are a scheduled, working family in need of quality childcare for your child(en) after school each day! What does that mean to you...DON’T RUSH!! No need to hurry home after work. We have you covered from dismissal until 6 PM! Our Super-Hero Training Curriculum includes:

1. Safe Transportation
2. Physical activities that parents and kids love!
3. Time for assisted homework, snack, games, arts/crafts, and more!
4 .Caring, Genuine, Diverse Staff of Instructors/Providers
5. A promise to yield RESULTS and SMILES!

Why OKD?

"We work, tirelessly, to ensure that our year-round camps, karate classes, social events, and family-environment remain some of the reasons why we have been embraced by the community since we first started in Howard County in 1998!

Our staff of blackbelt instructors and providers are certified, approved, well-trained in the martial arts, and respected throughout Howard County, the region, and beyond!"

Our School of Excellence Curriculum yields superheros that are...FORGED, FOCUSED, and PREPARED!

—Learn more about our traditional side - The Okinawan Karate Dojo (OKDkarate.com)

We like what our customers are saying about us...

This is a wonderful place to learn Karate. The staff and Sensei are personable, patient, and love the kids. The camps are great and the pride and self confidence they instill in the students is genuine and valuable.

Dr. Greenwood Avatar
Dr. Greenwood

The instructors are committed and do an excellent job of engaging all of the children. There are always multiple instructors working with the children as a group and in subgroups to ensure they are always active, engaged and having their instructional needs met. This is an excellent karate school and we highly recommend it! The level of instruction is second to none and well worth the cost. Our son loves it!

Kahlil and Tianna Johnson Avatar
Kahlil and Tianna Johnson

Sensei Stan and his staff are excellent and a joy to work with. My son has gone from a shy little boy that couldn't make a sound when someone approached him to a confident loud young man! I was so impressed I had to join the dojo myself :--) Definitely great for families.

mikki mcgee Avatar
mikki mcgee

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