The ASP…How It Works

The ASP...How it Works?

  1. We pick your child up from their school, bring them to OKD, they’ll have a snack, time and assistance for homework, stay physically active with (karate, tumbling, yoga, fitness training, etc), enjoy classic video games, ping pong, crafts, and more!  Smiling…when you get here to pick them up!
  2. We’ve been in operation for over 20 years, so the quality of our services has gotten better, and better, and better!
  3. We Will Sell Out…for this new ASP!  So, HOLD YOUR SPACE Now!
  4. This service is for kids of all ages, skills and abilities. (see schools covered, below)
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  6. For more information please contact us ASAP.

The OKD ASP Experience Includes

Homework Time & Assistance and Snack Time

Traditional Okinawan Karate

(From schools that we currently service, we will be there at dismissal and ready to receive your children), safely.

At the OKD, we are proud to teach traditional okinawa karate, as learned in Okinawa, Japan! The dojo culture is comprehensive and warm; and our classes are intellectually engaging, instill discipline and confidence, and teach endurance for the future. Most of all, they are, FUN! Kids - Adults learn new-found patience, attention to detail, and time-proven self defense techniques.the traditional aspects in our teaching methods are physically and mentally demanding, and lead to life-ready application.

The Chalk Board Room

The Chalk Board Training Room is where the sit-down magic occurs. Homework assistance, snacks, and game time during after-school hours. We also use the room to host Amazing birthday parties, private events, our Super Hero Training - OKD's leadership curriculum, and so much more.

Fitness Ninja Room

Campers, students, and members develop their own "yes-i-can attitude" as they learn their way through  our fitness ninja room.  obstacle courses, balance challenges, an ever-changing climbing wall, and the all-new "Pac-Man Wall".

Games, Crafts, Field Trips and MORE!

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